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The institution was established in the year 1994, since then our students have been placed in different reputed institutions in India and abroad. Every year the students pass percentage is upward trend and highlighting the meritorious marks and performance.

The B.Com, course has testified thirteen batches passing out from the college with spectacular results.
The eighth batch of B.Sc (Computers) has also passed out from the college with the glorious results.

a) The teaching faculty consisting of qualified and experienced lecturers.
b) Special attention is given to students who are slow learners, by arranging special coaching classes.
c) The college follows the academic Calender notified by the University and the syllabus followed in each subject is accordance to the Osmania University directions.
d) Weekly, fortnightly and monthly tests, including terminal and pre-final examinations are held and the corresponding progress reports are sent to the parents to keep them educated about the progress of their wards, and to discuss matters where remedial action is necessary.
e) Guest Lectures:To enrich the knowledge in the curriculum eminent Guest Faculty, delivers the lecture on different topics on every subject.

As per University rules and regulations, every student is excepted to have not less than 75% of attendance in each subject, to become eligible to appear the University examination. 10% deficiency in attendance is condoned on Medical grounds certified by a Medical Officer not less than of the rank of Civil Surgeon. Penalty is levied in addition to medical certificate as per O.U. rules

The students are continuously being evaluated throughout the academic calendar by the respective principal and the staff in each subject. All Students are required to attend atleast 80% of total classes without fail and cannot afford to miss any of the test or quizzes conducted from time to time. Irrespective of the Group, the student is doing, he/she has to attend the test conducted in each subject after the end of every chapter, besides the quarterly, half-yearly and pre-final examination conducted internally, the parents are held equally responsible to evaluate their wards from time to time in order to gauge the wards mental ability, academic excellence and pursuance of higher knowledge.
The College is keeping its door open to any parent to discuss the academic matters in the benefit of the student on all working days.
Having realised the importance of the intermediate level, the Management has authorised an Academic Counseling Board (ACB) to look into the teacher and the taught problem and guide both the teachers and the students in correcting or adopting the suitable teaching modes. The regular students will be further given privilege to avail expert guidance for preparing themselves for the entrances to enter the higher learning arena.

The Institution insists on a reasonably good standard and command on English in the part of applicants for admission. Students who fail to meet the minimum proficiency level required would, upon admission to the College, be assigned to special coaching classes offered by the English Department. It is extremely important, therefore, that the applicant's proficiency in English ought to be at high level even prior to admission.

The prescribed Fee is payable in the College office by cash, on or before the specified dates and the receipt of which shall be duly acknowledged. A penalty will be imposed for the late payment.

Note : Fee payable to the University will be collected from the students along with the examination fee in November/December each year, under various account as follows:
1) Registration Fee (SRF)
2) Students Welfare Fee (SWF)
3) Recognition Fee
4) Inter University Fee (IUF)
5) Processing Fee

SC/ST/BC/Minority students can avail scholarship sanctioned by the A.P. Department of Social Welfare, on economic grounds.


► Student should behave in a manner worthy of college atmosphere.
► Student should be punctual, regular and attentive to the classes.
► No student should indulge in activities within the campus or outside which in turn brings bad name to the college.
► No student should indulge or involve himself in any kind of demonstration, Groupism or Unions which disrupts the activities of the college.
► Using the filthy language or writing any kind of slogans or comments on the wall would be sufficient and reasonable means for the dismissal of a student from the college.
► Student is required to compulsory carry their identity card at all times and should produce if demanded by the college authorities.
► Student should be decently dressed. They should be courteous and polite in their behavior at all times and every where.
► Students absent from the college for any valid reason should submit a leave letter duly countersigned by the parent.
► Names of the students who remain absent without leave for a week shall be stuck off from the rolls. A medical certificate issued by a person not below the rank of an Asst.Civil Surgeon should be submitted for leave taken for reasons of sickness, ill health etc., for more than a week.