3 Reasons Why You Should Master Writing SOP

3 Reasons Why You Should Master Writing SOP

Every student has to write a Statement of Purpose (SOP) before they start their studies. In this blog, we help you in understanding the purpose of this SOP and how you can write a good one. It also gives tips to you on how you can depict their skills, experience and ambition in the best possible way.

The first question that pops up in the minds of students is why?

You have to write an SOP before your plan of joining any institution. The answer to this question is pretty simple: Every institution wants to know what their potential students are capable of. This SOP is proof that you have talent that can be crafted and skills; the institution would want them to work on, rather than working on all the possible skills. This SOP would tell the institutions what skills or qualities they possess.

What Is The Purpose Of The Statement Of Purpose?

The purpose of an SOP is to describe your reasons for choosing a career field, your background knowledge, experience and skills while highlighting your academic credentials clearly to be admitted into an institution or program.

Some students may think that the institution would take everyone till they get enough students, but it is not like that. They have thousands of applications each day and they need to choose out of these thousand students who to accept and who not.

An SOP tells the institution why you want to join the institution, what are your reasons for choosing a particular field and how good you are at the given field.

In simple words, an SOP tells about your skills, experience & strength and why you can be a beneficial addition to the college or university that you are joining for a degree or diploma course.

3 Reasons why writing SOP will help you in the long-term:

1. Framing an SOP will help you in gaining admission to a college or university.

An SOP helps you to explain yourself before joining a college or university and therefore gives an insight into the course that you will study. An SOP helps the institutions to see that you have precise knowledge in the given field, its workings and its applications. With just a few words, you can explain why you want to join the institution and even give reasons behind why it is the best place for your future studies. This will help you in gaining admission to the campus.

2. It will help in providing focus to your study.

Many students are not able to get good grades and they feel that they can’t join their desired course because they don’t have good grades. If you have good grades and it is the case, why not make a difference by joining a course that is of your choice? You can apply for admission through any platform as long as you have sound academic credentials and a well-written SOP would certainly give you an edge over others who haven’t drafted such SOPs.

3. Explaining your strengths and weaknesses:

Before going for any program, be it any degree or diploma course, colleges or universities have their admission requirements which should not be treated lightly. Now, if one does not have an SOP and goes for admission without a strong statement of purpose, the institute will most probably reject those applicants. The very reason why colleges or universities ask for SOPs is that they want to know all about you who will be joining them and what your potential can be.

The SOP helps you in telling about your strengths and weaknesses which will help you in opening up before the admissions committee. Your SOP should contain your claims that you are confident enough to join the college or university to which you are applying for admission as well as your reasons behind it.

Some of the things that an SOP should contain:

1. Your reasons for choosing a certain course.

2. Your background knowledge and experience in the field of study that you want to pursue.

3. Your skills & expertise in the selected area of work and ways you can use them in the course you want to join.

4. Your ambitions, goals and how they fit into your career plan.

5. The skills that you can offer with regards to teamwork, leadership roles etc.

Writing a statement of purpose is a daunting task for most students. Don’t be scared at how big the task seems. Step by step, you can write your Statement of Purpose. Start early and you will find it easier. Familiarize yourself with the style preferred by the university and writing a Statement of Purpose will be a piece of cake. The Statement of Purpose can be considered one of the most important parts of your application. It should be an extension of your resume and is quite often used by the faculty as a criterion of admission. This is a valuable tool that plays a crucial role in your application.

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