Seminar on Importance of I.T in Commerce

Seminar on Importance of I.T in Commerce

What is Information technology ?

Information Technology means the use of hardware, software, services, and supporting infrastructure to manage and deliver information using voice, data, video, image.

Applications Of IT:-

  1. Education
  2. Entertainment
  3. Commerce
  4. Reservations
  5. Research

Area Of Commerce:-

  1. Accounting
  2. Finance
  3. Economics
  4. Business Law
  5. Marketing Science & Advertising

Management Studies

Software Tools:-

  1. Accounting tools
  2. Financial Tools
  3. E-Commerce Platforms
  4. E-Marketing tools.


  1. Commerce & IT are tightly coupled in today’s world with high-end technology.
  2. Commerce knowledge helps to learn analytical thinking, decision making based on data, making strategies for business.
  3. IT transforms businesses, entrepreneurs in the way people communicate, conduct business, manage the supply chain, drives E-commerce.
  4. Importance can be seen with a growing number of users apps being used by people in day to day life.

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